Malloy Gamebirds specializes in Bobwhite Quail egg production, mature Bobwhite Quail, mature Chinese Ringneck Pheasant, and mature Chukar Partridge. Whether you are looking for birds for field hunting, dog training, or to integrate into your own breeding program, expect a quality product from Malloy.

Malloy Gamebirds is a family-owned business.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

At Malloy Gamebirds, we take pride in running a very honest business. Nearly 90% of our sales are generated by repeat customers. And these satisfied customers are sharing their experience with others and providing word-of-mouth advertising which has enabled us to expand every year since we opened our doors. If we tell you we will have birds, we will get you what you need without any hassle.

On any given day on the farm, we could tell you exactly how many birds we have because record keeping is key at Malloy Gamebirds. Good communication and maximum efficiency throughout the season are key to keeping our operation running smoothly which in turn helps us keep our prices reasonable.

Day-old bobwhite quail chicks at Malloy Gamebirds.

Day-old bobwhite quail chicks at Malloy Gamebirds.

Malloy Gamebirds guarantees healthy birds at the time of sale, however we can not guarantee the health of the birds once they are in your care. We are more than happy to provide free consultation after the sale to prevent problems from arising.  Your success is the key to our business. We look forward to assisting you with your bobwhite quail, ringneck pheasant and chukar needs.

Please review our pricing page for more information and contact us for availability.

Farm Visits and Bio-Security

Malloy Gamebirds is not open to the public for bio-security reasons and is surveillance monitored 24 hours. On farm pickup or farm visits are by appointment only. Used, dirty boxes, cages or crates will NOT be allowed on our farm to ensure that harmful, detrimental illnesses are not transferred to our healthy birds. Contaminants can be spread thru feces, soil, feathers, sawdust, and any other porous surface. This preventative measure is called bio-security and it is extremely important to our livelihood.

All cages brought to our property must be clean and disinfected. We recommend avoiding wire cages for transportation and encourage obtaining gamebird crates or low profile cages to keep the birds from injuring themselves. We have boxes available for purchase as well.

Delivery is available. Please contact us for delivery minimum amounts and pricing estimates.

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