Our Pheasant

All of the pheasant at Malloy Gamebirds are the Chinese Ringneck strain, which is the only strain legal to release here in Iowa.

We raise all of our pheasant to maturity here on the farm.  With tail feathers pushing 26 inches, these are some of the best pheasant you will find.  Very aggressively flying birds, these work well for any hunting preserve, dog trial, or private stocking.

Our birds are considered mature at 23 weeks of age, but we can produce started birds if given enough notice. The pheasant are started in brooders until about 4 weeks when they are transitioned off of heat and peepered to prevent pecking.

At about 7 to 8 weeks, depending on weather conditions, the birds are moved to large flight pens where they stay until they are ready for sale.  The flight pens are planted with weeds, literally. Lambsquarter, foxtail, and giant ragweed are just a few of the annual weeds that grow in our pens creating both excellent cover for the ringneck pheasants and also a food source in the fall when they start producing seed.

There is huge demand for our pheasant, so calling early is the best way to get on our list for birds.